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If you are over the age of 50 and considering a divorce, your focus is on your future, not your past. You may be undecided about whether to file for divorce right away or take some time to separate before filing. In many cases, the choice has already been made. Gray Divorce is extremely common in Florida. Some believe this is due to the age of the spouses and the wisdom that comes with said age. We know more about what we want, what we need, and what living meaningfully means in our later years. We are less likely in this case to stay in relationships that can no longer grow with us.

What Is A Gray Divorce?

Gray divorce is a type of divorce that is non-traditional or very different from the traditional model. Gray divorce refers to spouses age 50 and over who seek divorces. The term gray divorce was coined because of the increased life expectancy for individuals in America, which means that they are experiencing more marriages that end after the age of 50 than ever before.

Although some people think that couples with children or those with accumulated assets (e.g., a home) have more difficulty in getting a divorce, the truth is that there are many other factors that complicate gray divorces.

Complexity Of Gray Divorce In Orlando

If you and your spouse have been married for at least 20 years when you file for a gray divorce, then Florida law presumes that your marriage has produced an “irretrievable breakdown,” which means there is no chance of reconciliation. Therefore, in order to obtain a divorce in this case, you would only have to prove that your marriage has been irretrievably broken for at least six months.

More On Gray Divorce

Older couples may gray divorce for a number of reasons, but divorce is often due to a desire to change a lifestyle, or change in physical or mental health that prevents one partner from being able to care for the other. In gray divorce cases, there are generally no asset division issues or significant assets involved in splitting up.

If you are divorcing, it’s important for you to have an Orlando gray divorce lawyer who can advocate on your behalf for compassionate terms in your gray divorce agreement. An experienced divorce attorney will ensure that your divorce terms are fair and equitable, giving you solid divorce advice throughout the divorce process.

In a gray divorce, it’s vital that you choose a divorce lawyer who is committed to helping you with your divorce agreement in Orlando so as to avoid any stress or conflict later when you are focused on moving forward with your life.

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