How Alimony Works in a Florida Divorce

Alimony, also known as spousal support, refers to monetary payments made from one spouse to the other. Alimony is sometimes awarded in a Florida divorce if there is a significant disparity in income between the spouses. 

Factors that Impact Alimony Orlando Alimony Help

If awarded, the type, duration, and amount of alimony will be determined by considering: 

  • length of the marriage
  • standard of living enjoyed during the marriage
  • whether one spouse quit their job/school after marriage
  • whether one spouse was the primary caretaker of the children
  • the contribution each spouse made to the marriage
  • whether an unemployed spouse is qualified to work
  • whether an unemployed spouse is able to take classes or learn a skill to assist in finding employment to become self-sufficient
  • whether one spouse is ill or disabled and needs additional funds for support
  • tax consequences of paying or receiving alimony

Alimony can be awarded on a temporary basis, on a monthly basis or provided in a one-time lump sum payment

Types of Alimony

There are several different kinds of alimony or spousal support a court may award in Florida:

  • Temporary Alimony – Temporary alimony is 
  • Orlando Alimony Helpawarded when one spouse requires financial support while the divorce is pending.
  • Bridge-the-gap Alimony –  Bridge-the-gap alimony is designed to help the recipient during the transitional period after divorce. This type of divorce can last up to two years.
  • Rehabilitative alimony – Rehabilitative alimony is meant to support a spouse while they try to secure gainful employment. This includes paying for vocational training or educational classes to develop or enhance job skills.
  • Permanent alimony — Permanent alimony provides lifetime financial support to a spouse who is unlikely to acquire the skills needed to get a job and support themselves. Permanent alimony is ordered in cases involving long-term marriages lasting 17 years or more.
  • Durational alimony – Durational alimony is awarded when other options are not sufficient. This alimony cannot exceed the length of the marriage.


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